British Bell Tea Room

We make tea a time of sheer beauty, quality and excellence.

We make tea a time of sheer beauty, quality and excellence. We desire to create a peaceful, tranquil memory each time you dine in our formal tea room. Light fare such as soups, salads, tea sandwiches, scones and pastries are elegantly served on china with silver, crystal and candlelight. We serve an array of flavorful loose leaf tea which we hope you'll slowly sip while enjoying pleasant conversation or simply relax alone. You're welcome to borrow one of our classic novels and escape reality in the solace of the British Bell.  




Black Tea Flavored

Peaches 'N Flowers

peach taste with peach bits


fresh raspberry taste with raspberry leaves and bits

Passionate Mango

exotic mango taste with mango bits


pomegranate taste with pomegranate bits

Earl Grey a la Créme

a creamy bergamot tea

Chai Americaine

a spicy cinnamon taste, great with milk and sugar

Read My Lips

a vanilla peppermint tea with mini lips

Apricot Decaf

apricot taste with marigold blossoms, decaffeinated using the CO2 process, no chemicals

Irish Breakfast

Chase the chill of the morning with this cup of tea

London High Tea

an old English recipe with a sweet yet mild note

Russian Caravan

smoky citrus taste with orange peels and flavoring

Piña Colada

pineapple and coconut taste with pineapple, coconut bits and flavoring


chocolate blueberry taste

Vanilla a la Créme

vanilla cream taste with vanilla bits and flavoring

Black Tea Classic

Ceylon Kenilworth

excellent full body with a hint of sweetness

Assam Satrupa

a bold morning tea, accepts milk and sugar

Kenya Milima

very flavorful with notes of peaches and apricots

English Breakfast Supreme

start the day with this delicious morning tea

English Breakfast Decaf

decaffeinated using the CO2 process, no chemicals


Green Tea Flavored

Enchanted Berry

a combination of raspberry and blueberry

Strawberry Creme

a strawberry tea with creamy notes


a delicious tea with pomegranate bits



Caramel Cream

a creamy caramel rooibos


a delicious marriage of lime, mint and black tea

Chocolate Mint

chocolate mint taste with chocolate brittle, chocolate and flavoring

Lemon Soufflé

bright and creamy citrus



peppermint chamomile rose hips


Oolong Tung Ting

lightly fermented with a smooth delicate body


Darjeeling Estate

first flush with a fine, fresh flower note

Green Tea Classic

Sencha FukuuJJyu

clear liquoring, soft & mild

Fruit Blend

Berry Patch

a cream berry taste

Lotta Colada

a pineapple, coconut fruit blend

White Tea

Raspberry Ginger

raspberry ginger bits

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